Enjoy turbo-charged PayPal Integration

10 Minute Accounts links directly with your PayPal account, saving you time and effort

  • Transactions are automatically imported every hour
  • Import up to 3 years’ historic transactions in minutes
  • Imported transactions are automatically categorised where possible, saving you time

Get to know your business with the interactive Dashboard

  • Your Sales, Expenses and Profit are elegantly displayed in an interactive chart
  • QuickLinks allow you to easily Record a Sale, Record an Expense or Import Transactions
  • A wizard gets you up and running in no time

Sales and Expense Categories

Customise the software to exactly match your unique business

  • Create custom categories for your Sales and Expenses, to match your business setup
  • When you categorise imported transactions, other imported transactions are automatiecally matched and updated accordingly
  • Sales and Expenses are sorted by Category, giving you insight into what’s selling, and what’s costing you money

Powerful Transaction Import and Export

You’ll never need to manually record another transaction.

  • Import transactions directly from your bank, via QIF or CSV files
  • Import transactions automatically from PayPal, in real-time
  • Import transactions from most other accounting software
  • Export transaction history in CSV format

Integrate your Bank Accounts

  • Add any number of bank accounts
  • Import your transactions directly into from your bank
  • Reconcile your cleared account balances
  • Balances automatically update to reflect your actual, cleared bank balance

Military-grade security features keep your data safe

Benefit from the strongest security features in the industry

  • 256b SSL connection keeps your communications safe
  • Multiple encryption layers secure your data at rest
  • Systems tested regularly for vulnerabilities
  • Security patches applied very regularly
  • Multiple fail-safes prevent unauthorised access
  • Daily backups and secure storage of all sensitive data
  • Uploads stored securely encrypted in the Cloud
  • DoS and intrusion protection supplied by CloudFlare

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Automate your Profit & Loss account

  • Your profit & loss is automatically calculated
  • View your quarterly and annual figures, based on your tax year date
  • Use the figures provided to easily submit a Self Assessment or Corporation Tax Return

Send invoices in record time

  • Create invoices from a transaction
  • Automatically create and send invoices when PayPal transactions are imported
  • Automatically fill invoices with known client information such as their address
  • Set invoices to repeat on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis
  • Upload your own logo to produce professional invoices with just a click
  • Show the VAT rate for your invoice items
  • Email PDF invoices direct to your clients from 10 Minute Accounts

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) Deductions

Construction contractors can enable CIS reporting

  • Easily track your CIS deductions throughout the year
  • View a running total of your CIS deductions, helping you plan and budget

Enjoy our award-winning support

  • Contact us at any time, about anything!
  • Support is available 9-5, Monday to Friday
  • Support is based in Chester, UK

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