I’ve been building income streams since I was about 10 years old.

And those early years taught me one thing.

I absolutely hate admin.

In fact, I hate admin so much, I literally created software so that I wouldn’t have to do boring admin, see a calculator, or do my books – ever again.

10 Minute Accounts automates my accounting, and lets me get on with my life.

Here’s how it works.

With 10 Minute Accounts – your accounts are automated.That means no more punching numbers, no more calculators, no more hunting lost receipts.

As I was building my various income streams, things started to get crazy.

I mean, I was making lots of money – but I never knew exactly how much.

I would guess how big the tax bill would be. And sometimes, I was pretty accurate, other times… I was scarily wrong.

You see, I was working so hard, so fast, so many hours per day that I literally didn’t have time for paperwork.

I didn’t have time to chase invoices, save receipts, keep a careful inventory. None of that actually made me money – and it was the ‘boring’ stuff so it never actually got done.

Once a year I’d hand my accountant a plastic bag of receipts and invoices, and hope for the best. It was a nightmare.

It wasn’t only the stress of ‘not knowing’ what my accounts actually were [other than a bank balance] – it was the loss of income from unpaid invoices, the constant worry of a big tax bill, and the … shall we say slight tut tut from my accountant (who was fantastic through it all!)

One week, having spent hours and hours trying to track down lost receipts, I decided enough was enough.

I was going to automate my entire business.

10 Minute Accounts put my business on auto-pilot. And that means I’m free to do what really matters. And I don’t mean just playing golf.

When I first created 10 Minute Accounts, it was just a single page with stats and figures.

But it was up to the minute, real-time accurate.

It was a breakthrough.

Any time, night or day, I could check my ‘page’ and see … absolutely everything.

All my transactions, on a single page, separated into product categories, showing tax liabilities, overhead costs…

And my favourite, Daily Sales.

I loved the Daily Sales figure, since it was what I wanted to smash, every day.

I wanted each day, each week, each month, to be better than the last.

Daily Sales was what woke me up in the morning, made me work harder, faster, smarter.

But enough about that.

What my ‘page’ really did was it relieved *all* my stress. I never had to worry about tax, accounts, admin, at all.

And since 99% of my sales came through PayPal (back then) I configured the page to automatically update – to the second – so as soon as a sale came in, the page updated.

But the ‘page’ was only just beginning…

Say hello: Automatic invoicing, Bank Transaction Imports, Receipt Saving, Profit and Loss reports…

Bye-bye: Admin

There are two types of people in the world.

  • People that want the world a certain way.
  • And people that make the world that they want.

I’m definitely a world-shaper. That sounds arrogant, but really it’s not.

I’m someone that simply works – really, really hard – to make the world they want to live in.

And I wanted to live in a world without admin, bookkeeping and accounting.

I wanted to live in a world where my invoices are sent, automatically; my receipts are stored, securely; my accounts are done, Every. Single. Second.

Once I’d added those features… the sense of relief and pure freedom was unbelievable.

Honestly, I could climb a mountain, be completely off grid… and know that any time a sale came in, an invoice went out, emails were sent, my Sales, Tax, Profit & Loss, were all updated… and I could check it when I got home. Next week, say.

I was suddenly not tied to a computer.

My life was literally liberated – and my income streams were able to run on autopilot.

And that’s when I realised what an amazing tool this was. 

Sure, early versions were rough, and yes, it wasn’t the ‘perfect tool for all cases’ but I had something that would help possibly millions of businesses.

And that’s when 10 Minute Accounts was born.

And here’s how it can help YOU.

Becoming the #1 eBay Accounting Business in the world

It was never my intention to build accounting software. I’m not an accountant. I’m rubbish at maths.

And yes I hate accounting.

But I absolutely love building software.

And I love designing and developing tools that can make my life (and your life) easier.

So when I realised how many hours of my life 10 Minute Accounts was saving, I showed it to a few other like minded entrepreneurs.

They absolutely loved it, (and still use it).

So then I released it to the general public for a minimal sum, just to see if anyone else would find it useful… and forgot about it for a while.

3 months later, I checked the user figures, and couldn’t believe my eyes.

While we had 2 farmers, 5 builders, 2 or 3 accountants, a candle maker, a dried meats supplier… we had absolutely loads and loads of eBay sellers.

And so, 3 months in, I realised what we had to do.

We had to make software that was absolutely, 100%, dedicated to the eBay seller base.

And that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Five reasons 10 Minute Accounts is the #1 accounting software for eBay Sellers

10 Minute Accounts is the only accounting software in the world that’s completely dedicated to eBay sellers.

Here’s what you get with 10 Minute Accounts:

  1. eBay Managed Payments ready: A simple, user friendly integration with eBay Managed Payments lets you automatically sync your sales, transactions, eBay seller fees and more.
  2. Automated Accounting: You’ll never have to do your admin or accounts ever again. Log in, any time, any where, and see how your sales are progressing. Even from your phone.
  3. Instant Invoicing: Add instant invoicing to automatically generate and email an invoice for all your sales – establish your brand as an eBay seller, win repeat customers, and save time.
  4. File VAT Returns: File VAT Returns direct to HMRC through Making Tax Digital. 10 Minute Minute Accounts is officially recognised by HMRC as a Making Tax Digital supplier.
  5. Import transactions from other sources: Sell on Amazon, etsy, or through PayPal? Or you have a retail outlet or other sales and expenses? Manage all your accounts from one place.

How to automatically sync with eBay Managed Payments

If you haven’t already transitioned to the new eBay Managed Payments system, you will soon.

And – don’t worry. It’s a breeze.

With eBay Managed Payments, all you need to do is set it up as a new account, in Banking > Add New > eBay.

Then it’s a click to authorise, and it’s done.

Your transactions will sync from eBay Managed Payments automatically, in near real-time.

Every time a sale comes in, it’ll automatically be categorised according to any rules you’ve configured.

So if you sell a lot of say, Parker Pens, you can tell the software to automatically categorise these as ‘Office supplies’.

Once you’ve categorised a few transactions, you’ll find the software ‘learns’ from you and becomes more and more intelligent. And soon, you won’t have to categorise transactions at all.

From that point, there’s literally nothing else to do. So sit back, relax, and enjoy selling on eBay.

Your accounts are *done*.

If that seems too ludicrously simple, or if you want more information on configuring your eBay Managed Payments integration, please see the full guide – here.

How to get started with 10 Minute Accounts

If you’re an eBay seller, and haven’t yet tried 10 Minute Accounts… try it!

It was created for people just like you.

It was made to make your life easier, and take care of admin so you don’t have to.

And set up takes literally 2 minutes.

It’s absolutely free for 30 days – and then chargeable thereafter. Get all the details on our pricing page – here.

Start today and start saving time immediately.

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